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What is the Status Monitor Page?

The Status Monitor page provides details on how your Metric Insights system is functioning, as explained below.

Access the Status Monitor from the Admin menu

Access the Status Monitor from the Admin menu

Notifications in the Status Monitor

Setting the Notifications to off stops all system notifications (Alerts, Bursts, Favorite Digests; described at My Notifications - Overview) from being sent to any User. Meanwhile all Email notifications are queued and once the Notifications are turned back on, they are sent to their participants.

'Status' tab

  1. Application time: see what time/time zone the Metric Insights server is running in
  2. See detailed monitoring stats provides system performance information intended for Metric Insights support with an option to download a file with monitoring information. Support may ask for these files if you experience system latency, crashing, or other performance issues.
  3. The error logs are useful for Administrators when troubleshooting. You will see tiles with diagnostic information for items like Overdue Triggers or Elements with Error. Use the How do I fix this links for more information and see the error logs below.
  4. This section gives high level monitoring for load, email queues, data collection and more.

NOTE: More information on understanding errors and how they can be corrected can be seen in Monitoring Metric Insights

Email Test and Tableau Trusted Authentication

  1. Click Send Test Email to confirm that emails sent from Metric Insights are reaching the end user. You will be prompted to enter a test email address
  2. The Test Tableau Trusted Authentication verifies the secure sign on (SSO) from the Metric Insights server to Tableau

'Application Errors' tab

View the most recent errors and messages in this tab. Click any entry for more information on it.

NOTE: To downloaded a full set of error logs click Get error logs. Please contact support with questions about errors and troubleshooting.

'Elements with Error' tab

Elements that failed to run are shown in this tab. Hover over items in the Error column on far right to expand the detail information.

'Mobile Log' tab

Contents of the Mobile log are displayed in this tab.


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