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  • For starters, you'll never see a 'total' dimension value for a report. There is no general way to compute a total across multiple instances of a report. Therefore, we compute totals for metrics only.

    Assuming that you're working with a metric:

    1. Did you elect to create a 'Total' dimension value? - Review Dimension Editor
    2. Does the underlying Measure have the proper settings? Review Measure Editor
    3. Did you elect to use the 'Total' dimension value for your metric? Review Metric Editor
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  • New Overview and User Alert tools have been developed for Administrators to track what alerts were generated, why, and who received them. All Alert management pages have been consolidated to a single dashboard for KPI, Global, and Report Alerts accessible via the Contents Menu > Alerts

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  • This is a temporary fix that will be wiped out on system upgrade since a new method is implemented in newer versions: see here. For now, use these procedures:

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  • The setup for SQL Server connections is different from other SQL connections. Users almost always have 'domain' names that accompany their usernames. The standard Windows protocol is to combine the domain and username like this:


    ...and enter the combination where it says 'Username: '. That's not the correct approach when setting up data source connections in MI. The correct approach is to enter the username as-is and to specify the domain by appending it to the jdbc string, as follows:


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  • To create a graph like the one below, you need to set the X-axis values in the Chart Editor  to 'Use Column Header Values' for the chart to generate correctly.

    See also Choosing the Correct type of Chart

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  • Sometimes you will be creating or importing elements that currently do not have data collected for them, but you may want to setup Favorite folders to display them when data is collected.

    You cannot use the Favorites star to select these as we do not display 'empty' elements in the Home Page, and dimensions without any values will not display in the Viewers.

    There is a simple way to do this: Use  the Favorites Editor.

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  • The default sort order on your Home Page is alphabetic within each Category, using full tile name. Admin user have the ability to use Drag and Drop on the Left-side panel to reorder within each category based on the rules below. In all cases both the left-side panel and the center panel will display elements sorted in the same order.

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  • Here is an easy way to suppress alerts for all users on a go-forward basis, meaning that it applies to users created after the suppression rule is created. Existing users would need to be configured independently.

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