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How is 'See Related' drop-down list populated?

You can find related elements with the See Related drop-down list in the element Viewer. This article explains how the drop-down list is populated.

For more information, see Find Related Elements on Viewers.

Example of the 'See Related' drop-down list for a Metric

1. Basic Rules for Metrics

Elements are 'related' based on settings in the element Editor.  Elements appear in the See Related list if EITHER of the following conditions is true:

  1. Both Measure of and Measured fields have the same value. (For example: any element that measures "Sales" on a "Daily" basis same on the example above.)
  2. Elements should have at least one common Topic

NOTE: Collecting should be 'enabled' for the element to be included into the list.

1.1. Associations

If the element is added as an Association at Associations tab, it is displayed at the Measurement Interval drop-down list and is not included in the See Related list.

Alternatively, if elements haven't been associated at the Associations tab, but they have at least one common Topic, they will be included in each other's See Related lists.

In the example above, both a 'Daily Sales' Metric and a 'Monthly Sales' Metric have a common Topic, but since they are related as Associations, they are displayed as the Measurement Interval drop-down list. If this Association is deleted, they are going to be displayed at the See Related list.

2. Special Rules for Reports and Multi-Metrics

Elements appearing in the See Related drop-down lists of Multi-Metrics and Reports follow the same rules as for Metrics, with one exception:

  • Since Multi-Metrics and Reports do not have Measure Of specified, elements having the same value in the Measured field or with a common Topic are included into the See Related list
  • Same as for the Metrics, if the elements are associates at the Associations tab, they are going to be shown at each other's Measurement Interval drop-down lists instead of See Related lists


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