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  • The short answer is that your Metric has Expired. The Tile displayed for this metric on your Home Page will also be flagged with an "expired" watermark. This indicates that your element's data has failed to change.

    Why does this happen?: At some point if the data in your Metric is too old, it tends to become less meaningful. The system has the ability to declare it as "expired" and to flag its tile on the Dashboard Main Panel with an "expired" watermark. The system also adds a shaded 'Information Not Available' zone to the Metric's chart.

    Metrics are given a default Expiration After Time based on the 'Measurement Interval' which you may adjust. This value lets the system know how long after the last measurement time (NOT the last time the data was collected) must elapse before the Metric is considered expired.

    You can reset the expiration period appropriately so that the expired region appears in the chart (and the expired watermark in the tile) only when the element data actually contains expired data, by following the steps below.

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