How to manage element URLs in email notifications?


How to modify or delete the link to the elements in email notifications?

Is it possible to send a burst without including the link to the External Reports?


The link to the MI elements can be excluded from the burst. To do so, you need to make a minor modification in the burst template.

If you use a default Burst's email template, "Burst - Any Image Size", follow the steps below:

1. From the Burst Editor page go to Edit Template page:

2. Make the copy of "Burst - Any Image Size" template (to be able to modify it):

3. On the Edit page of the copied template go to Section Templates tab, find the 47th line and delete or comment all the ‘Title Block’ section (the easiest way is to extend the comment by deleting the symbols in the red frame:

The modified template should look like this:

If you use a custom template, you should find the ‘Title Block’ section on its Edit page, Section Templates tab, and also comment or delete this section.


It worth mentioning that this modification will affect all the elements included in the burst (e. g. if there are a few External Reports, some Dataset or Legacy reports etc., neither of them will include the link to the element in MI in the burst).


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