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How do I know the update was successful?

A successful upgrade will not have any errors on the command line after running the upgrade. If you have errors, please contact support at [email protected]. The following steps are what Metric Insights considers a "smoke test" to quickly verify an upgrade was successful.

1. Logon and Access Homepage

Verify that your Tiles appear

1.1. Verify Version Number

Check if the Homepage reflects the actual version number

2. Access Status Monitor

Access the link from the Admin drop-down

2.1. Check Error Messages

You can download all the logs using the Get Error Logs button

Check the list for new errors

2.2. Send Test Email

Check that emails are received correctly and in a correct format

2.3. [Optionally] Verify that LDAP Is Enabled

Verify that the LDAP connectivity is established

3. Access Metric Editor

Click the edit icon for a Metric

3.1. Validate Element

Verify that at least one record is returned

NOTE: If there are no Metrics in the system, you can validate and update a Report or collect an image for an External Report.

3.2. Recollect Data for Element

Verify that the recollection is successful

3.3. Verify Chart Display

Verify that the Cart displays correctly