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Downgrading Metric Insights to a prior version (AWS)

Metric Insights (MI) does not officially recommend downgrading. However, if you are facing unforeseen issues after upgrading MI to a newer version, here are the steps to take to downgrade to the previous version. Note, the steps below apply to MI running in Amazon Web Services:

[If AMIs are created periodically]

Restore the most recent AMI of a prior version of MI. Then, repoint DNS to this new EC2 instance in Route 53. Ideally, an AMI is created right before an upgrade in case a rollback is necessary.


[If AMIs are not created periodically]

Run the MI installer for the previous version, then restore the most recent backup of MI.

For example:

Metric Insights was running version 4.2 prior to the upgrade to 5.0. Upon upgrading to 5.0, you realize that a downgrade is necessary. Before attempting to downgrade, please ensure you have the most recent backup available in /var/backups/mi-app-backups (the default location for the standard backup job that runs in MI) or in S3.

1.) SSH to the MI server and locate the directory where the prior installation package was unpacked (in this example, MI version 4.2). Locate and run the script: 

./ -vv

Make sure the installation completes successfully, then check the version is 4.2 by running this command:


For any additional questions about running the installer, please see this help doc first: Install or Update MI via Installation Packages

2.) Now, restore the most recent backup of version 4.2. Ideally, you'll have created a backup prior to the 5.0 upgrade. The restore command is as follows:

mi-app-restore /PATH/TO/version4.2_BACKUP_FILE -vv

You can also reference this help doc on restoring backups: Restore Your Metric Insights Instance

Make sure the restore completes without errors. 


Once the restore is complete, you want to run a series of smoke tests in the MI app to ensure the downgrade is successful. Here are some test steps to take:

1.) Log in to MI in a browser and check if the version number on the homepage is the same as the version you just downgraded to (in this example, v4.2).

2.) In the MI homepage go to the Admin menu > Status Monitor > [Application Errors] tab. Check for any new errors based on the timestamp. If you seen anything unusual, please contact Metric Insights Support for help.

3.) Check data source connections.

4.) Ensure you can validate and collect data for metrics and reports.

5.) Check to ensure you can send a test email from Admin > Status Monitor > [Send Test Email] button.

6.) Ensure you can deliver bursts by test sending a burst to yourself.

After the tests pass, the downgrade is complete! For any other questions, please contact Metric Insights Support for help ([email protected]).