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How often are builds and releases pushed out and how?


I was told new a build of Metric Insights is pushed out every two weeks and that a new version is released on a yearly basis - can you please confirm the differences and frequency of both types of updates? Additionally as we have no internet connectivity, will these both need to be done via internal mirrors? 


New builds generally contain fixes to any issues uncovered in the application and feature updates. New releases contain new features and major feature changes.

If updating Metric Insights using our install packages and having outbound access is not a possibility, then the MI server must have access to internal mirrors (for any linux package updates to support the application, like python).

If using our OVAs to deploy a new virtual machine of the latest MI build, then the internal mirrors aren't needed but of course you'd be deploying a new VM every time (and must copy the content over from the old). 

To request the latest build or release, please contact [email protected] for access to the Metric Insights downloads page.