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How are element URLs in email notifications constructed?


How are element URLs in email notifications constructed?

I received an alert where the chart URL points back to my Test instance instead of Production. As far as I can tell, the alert did in fact come from my Production instance. So why is it pointing to Test?

As an example, I have and The alert was generated in sandbox-test-1, but upon receing the alert, the chart image points back to (see below):


When MI generates email notifications, the links back to MI are generated based on the last hostname that the recipient visited. This can pose a challenge in the following situations:

- a backup copy of a test intance was restored on a production instance and a user has yet to log in to production after the update.

- a test server is renamed to production and a user does not log in to the production after the name change.

The restore of the backup copy will have maintained a last hostname visited record for that user that still shows the test server. Thus if an alert goes out, the links will reflect the test instance instead of produciton. The same holds true for when the hostname changes.

In other words, if you last visited, then that's what will be used to generate the links in your email (example above).