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Burst is not delivered after clicking "Send Now" button


When I try to deliver the Burst using "Send Now" button, the Burst doesn't come. There is nothing in spam folder of my Email Client.

When I check Metric Insights Application Errors in Status Monitor I see this error:

MetricInsightsError: Faild insert into email_queue mail_size:2015877 file: /ReportData/iv/engine/libs/Em/Entity/EmailQueue.php line: 87


This Error means that Metric Insights couldn't insert email (with the size - around 2 MB) to the email queue. Email queue is organized by inserting records to the Mysql database.

First thing to do if the above error occurs is check max_allowed_packet parameter size on the Mysql server where database for Metric insights is located and if it's small enough - increase the value to at least 128MB. To know more of how to fine tune Mysql parameters please refer to the following article

It is safe to increase the value of this variable because the extra memory is allocated only when needed. For example, Mysql allocates more memory only when you issue a long query or when Mysql must return a large result row.