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Why are all the tiles missing from the Home Page?


Our Metric Insights home page normally has many tiles displayed, but today all the tiles are missing! This is happening for all users. What is going on?


The tiles can disappear from the home page when the number of tiles exceeds the maximum allowable limit as set by the variable MAXIMUM_HOME_PAGE_TILE_COUNT. This typically happens as users build out multiple dimensioned elements over time (each dimension resulting in the creation of a tile). To fix this, simply increase the maximum allowable limit by adjusting the value of the  MAXIMUM_HOME_PAGE_TILE_COUNT variable:
1. Login as the admin user on your –úetric Insights instance
2. Go to the Admin menu > Utilities > Config Variables
3. Search for the variable MAXIMUM_HOME_PAGE_TILE_COUNT
4. Click the gear icon to change the value of the variable
5. Enter a value greater than what's already defined
6. Save and Commit Changes

You should now see your tiles on the Home Page!