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Downgrade Metric Insights application version

If you upgraded Metric Insights application (hereinafter referred to as "MI app") with newer version and started facing serious issues that can't be solved either by:

1. Restoring previous snapshot of the VM with stable build of MI app;

2. Provisioning new VM and making fresh install of latest MI app version.

then you can downgrade you MI app version to the previous stable build.

Note: Youl'll need to have backup of previous stable MI app version (can be located at /var/backups/mi-app-backups) and have installation package of previous stable MI app version located on your Metric Insights server. If you don't have required installation package, please ask Metric Insights Support  for help.


In order to downgrade your current MI app version please follow below instructions:

Run installation package with the previous stable version of MI app and then restore backup of previous stable MI app version.

For example:

You used MI app version 4.2.1 before the upgrade.

1. You'll need to find directory on your machine where MI app version 4.2.1 insllation package is located, locate script there and run it like this: ./

Make sure installation finished successfully.

If you don't know how to do it, please read this article first: Install or Update MI via Installation Packages

2. Now you need to restore backup of 4.2.1 version on your current downgraded installation.

mi-app-restore PATH_TO_4.2.1_BACKUP_FILE

You can use this help article for reference: Restore Your Metric Insights Instance

Make sure restore completed without errors.


Now you should make sure that MI app version is downgraded and no errors appeared after the downgrade. In order to do it please:

1. Login to MI app in browser and check if version number on the homepage is the same as the downgraded package number.

2. On the dashboard go to Admin -> Status Monitor -> Application Errors tab. Check if new errors appeared.

If new errors appeared and you don't know what they mean, please contact Metric Insights Support for help.