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Getting an “All Users have used their Tokens” error when working with the QlikSense plugin



I am working with the QlikSense plugin (to create metrics and reports) but am getting an “All Users have used their Tokens” error. Why is this happening, and is there anything that we can do for this?

It makes it nearly impossible to build elements with this error happening every few queries.


The QlikSense server license allows QlikSense to reuse tokens for active sessions. In order to reuse the tokens, we must rely on the Remote Data Collector to obtain a QlikSense token and keep it active.

For context, a QlikSense user has 5 tokens that are provided by the server. The tokens are used sequentially by the user for specific actions (test connection, get data, collect image). One action = one token. After the user uses all of the tokens available, the server refreshes them after a certain period of time. This wait time results in the error above.

To get around this token limitation, the Metric Insights datacollecter can store a token for a particular user in an active datacollector session. This approach won't work with the local datacollector though because the local datacollector stores the token in memory, which results in the token expiring once the Qliksense action is complete.

Thus, we must leverage the Remote Data Collector (RDC). The RDC must run on the Qliksense server and once a sesson is opened, the session is kept alive. The solution then is to use a Remote Data Collector with the QlikSense plugin.

To configure a Remote Data Collector, please see this article:


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