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QlikView error: "Timeout error"



When I try to refresh list of qlikview documents I get "Timeout error" message on the screen.


To eliminate the culprit of the error, please check the following:


1. Check how much elements do you have on your QlikView server.

Qlikview plugin works with Qlikview Server via API. QV API is designed to download each qv document in order to get list of objects from this doc.

If you have a lot of QV documents with different objects inside - QV API session might time out and not finish cleanly. As a result it will be hanging in the process list.

Specifying QV filter parameter might fix this issue.

2. Check Windows Task Manager "Details" tab  for presence of several "QVPlugin.exe" processes.

All of those "QVPlugin.exe" might work on the request of refresh object list. But QV API allows running only one request at the moment. Other processes are waiting in queue.

When the first process times out and doesn't exit cleanly for some reason like big amount of QV docs to download, etc. - all other processes are stucked.

So, if you identified several "QVPlugin.exe" processes in your Windows Task Manager, please kill all of them and restart Remote Data Collector.

If restarting remote data collector fails, try to kill insightd-service.exe process from Task Manager and then start Remote Data Collector again.


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