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How to obtain the archived MI alert records?


Is there a way to obtain a logbook for all alerts generated since day one?


Alert records on the Alert History tab are kept based on system settings; the longer the measurement interval of the Metric is (associated with an Alert), the longer the Alert records can be seen on this tab.

Default history settings for element measurement intervals are the following:

  • Minute - 4 days, 
  • Hourly - 7 days, 
  • Daily - 45 days, 
  • Weekly - 18 weeks, 
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual - 5 years.

After the time periods above, alert records are archived, are not shown in the Alert History tab anymore and move to another system table. The archived alert records are deleted from the archive only if all the related metrics are deleted or if the alert rule is deleted.

These records can be used e.g. form the list of aggregated number of alerts per metric for statistical purposes (using MI Dataset, that collects data by MySQL query). If you need to extract this kind of historical alert information, please contact [email protected] to get a specific MySQL query, according to your business case.


Unfortunately, the historical MI alert notification content is not possible to collect in accessible format, as the contents are encoded before the notification is sent (via burst/SMS/CSV etc.). Furthermore, alert notification contents are stored in MI only for 7 days.