Known Issues 2020

Each section covers a topic relating to an object or function within Metric Insights.

1. Security Model

1.1. Portal Page Extended Security is associated with the wrong parent

When adding Portal Page Privileges to a PU that has none,

  1. Choose Extended Security:  "Allow Power Users to grant access to Portal Pages, Templates and/or Layouts and as well as to a Portal Page or Asset Folder to any User or Group"
    1. Actual Behavior:  Manage Portal Page Assets is selected as the "parent"
    2. Expected Behavior:  Create/Edit Portal Pages is selected automatically as the parent

1.2. Inconsistent Behavior on List Pages

There are three types of behavior:

  • Dataset List: (Security Model) When a PU is given Edit Access to a Dataset from this page, the "Create Datasets" Privilege is automatically granted in error.
  • Elements List:  
    • PU's elements with View Access do not appear but other page shown objects without Active Name list
    • PU's with Edit Access will be directed from the Active Name link to an Error Page if all Privileges and/or Permission have not been granted
  • Other Objects List Pages
    • Active Name links do not appear until all Privileges and/or Permission have been granted


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