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How do you trigger data collection when data jobs at the source are finished?


I don't want to collect data from my plug-in data sources (e.g., MicroStrategy or Tableau) until my sources have completed loading. How can I tell Metric Insights that my sources have been loaded and that collection can begin?


There are a few ways to accomplish this.

1.) One way is to define a data refresh trigger that is externally triggered (see image below).

To learn more please visit this article:

2.) Another way is to define a data collection dependency. Your data collection trigger can be defined to check on a regular schedule (once per day, etc.) but is attached to a data dependency. The data dependency runs against your data source and can check for count of total records, calendar_date, etc. and returns a true/false if satisfied. This is a defined query which provides some assurance that the data jobs are completed and sources are loaded. The dependency can run regularly (e.g. every minute) within a certain time period after you anticipate your data jobs to have completed (e.g. every minute after 7am through 12pm).

You can find more details how to setup a data dependency in this article


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