Expired elements


Some elements marked as "expired" on Homepage:

1. What is the definition of expire for a tile and is there a criteria that user can set up?
2. For example, Metric marked as "expired". Does it stop the process of updating new data for this element?


1. To understand how the system determines that your data is expired, go to your Metric/Report Editor -> Advanced tab -> Other section. You'll see a setting "Expire if latest data is more than" that is unique for each Metric/Report.
If element marked as "expired" with setting “expire if latest data is more than 2 days”, it means the most recent data is prior to 2 days ago.

2. "Expired" mark just states and visualizes that element doesn't have latest data for the period that user set in "Expire if latest data is more than" setting. Element is still fetching data based on datacollection trigger.


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